Community Share Launch

Darlington FC Supporters Group have today launched their Community Share offer which, it is hoped, will provide the majority of funding necessary for Darlington FC to move home to Blackwell Meadows, Darlington.

The fundraising drive to bring Darlington FC back home was launched this evening at Blackwell Meadows with a minimum target of £130,000 set to seal the return. We're hoping to raise £100,000 of that total through the issue of Community Shares.

Community Shares are a great way for the local community to contribute towards a specific objective and then return that investment further down the line using profits generated. Individuals also benefit in the form of tax breaks and interest payments.

You can access our online fundraising platform to find out more information and buy Commnity Shares here:

A Community Share Prospectus can be downloaded from here:

To watch a short video on what Community Shares are, and how they can benefit both the Football Club and you as an individual, click here:



More info on Community Shares and associated benefits can be found in the Help section above.


Pic: Theresa Clear


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